David K Rodriguez

Tomato Lesson

About 10 years ago, I was standing out in the garden with my dad. He had a garden every year and took good care of it when we were home.

We spent our summers at the beach which was a 4 hour drive away; the garden was mostly hit or miss depending on the weather. Some years there would be buckets of tomatoes and other years, not so much.

I was standing out there with him as he was picking tomatoes, bruised or rotting fruits were tossed into the woods that lined our backyard. He explained,

You have to pick the bad tomatoes or the plant will waste all of it’s energy trying to make them better instead of making new healthy tomatoes.”

I enjoy making things, websites, designs, paintings or songs and hopefully now blog posts. But there are often times in my own work where I run into dead ends, things aren’t working out and I’m trying to nurse a rotting design back to life. It’s best to toss that design to the side and concentrate my efforts on making great work rather trying to save bad work.