David K Rodriguez

Redesigned (again)

I've redesigned this website again (and again). When I first published this post (a month ago) I thought I was done redesigning this site. But I hated the new site almost immediately.

My feelings for the site had nothing to do with analytics, user testing or any feedback. It just didn't feel right.

This newer version of the site is much more in line with what I need.

  • A place to show my work that can let the images of the work take center stage.
  • A place to share my thoughts and ideas about design and whatever else.

Those goals haven't changed since the first design a month ago. But I tried to do a little too much and probably stayed in Photoshop too long. It suffered from the virus commonly known as over-design-amongous.

Plugged In.

I'm using the updated fancybox jQuery plugin for the portfolio image galleries. It offers great out of the box functionality, works great with images no matter what the dimensions and of course allows the images to be viewed as large as possible.

For web fonts I chose to stick with typekit, for now. Mainly because it’s still one of the fastest - and cheapest - ways to get great fonts on your website. While this is a good solution for now I plan on purchasing my own licenses and hosting web fonts myself one day. I'm using Museo Slab and Museo Sans mainly. But that could change…

As always this site is built on web standards. HTML, CSS and Javascript. I also used the methods of responsive design made popular by Ethan Marcotte and then expanded upon by Jeremy Keith.

A work in progress.

This site will always be a work in progress. And I'm not going to kid myself that I won't be tweaking and moving things around every chance I get. But I don't plan on “Redesigning” anytime soon.

When I work on a site for a business I like to have a solid business reason to make changes. Based on analytics, user feedback or site performance. It's nice to have the freedom with this site to change things just because.

Thanks for reading this. If you have comments or suggestions please let me know on twitter or send me an email.

Happy Designing.