David K Rodriguez

I am a UI Designer for 42six Solutions where we design and build cloud based web applications. I design workflows, wireframes and mockups then build out the front end with CSS/SASS and HTML with some touches of JavaScript. I've had the privilege to work along side and learn from other very talented developers and designers using agile methodologies.

While working for Harrison Group Hotels I was responsible for the user experience and design of a new reservation system that helped grow online reservations by 20% over the previous year. I also built and managed multiple websites and was responsible for everything from writing to design & development.

I'm trained in graphic design and fine art but have developed my skills to specialize in UI/web design. I am just as comfortable coding HTML and CSS as I am designing wireframes and mockups. My current tools of choice include Illustrator and BBedit, but I’m always experimenting with new things. SASS is awesome.

Here’s a sampling of my previous work.